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SeaWorld, San Antonio!

Hey guys!! Yesterday from 3:00 to 9:00 P.M we were at SeaWorld, San Antonio having the time of lives with their Christmas Celebration!! 

The first thing we did was check in at the VIP desk with the SeaWorld employees ( yes we were VIPs thanks to my mom’s blog!! Click here to visit her blog!! ) After we checked in we started to make our way over to the penguin encounter, we took tons of pictures.


After we took all those pictures we finally got into the penguin encounter. Since my mom is a SeaWorld Wildside Blogger we got to do a special thing with the penguins but it was a hour wait so we walked around the encounter and I was able to take some amazing pictures.


After that there was a bunch of snowmen you could take funny pictures with so…. This happened.

Yep, and yep I know I am weird but I couldn’t resist. Anyway after that we went back to the encounter and guess what… It was our turn!!! When they took us back we got to meet a Gentoo penguin named Pepper, she was so cute and she was very soft. When we were petting her she seemed very relaxed and she was very friendly. After we had our time with Pepper we actually got to go inside the penguin enclosure it was so amazing we saw King penguins, Chinstrap penguins, and my favorites Gentoo penguins. I love Gentoo penguins because they are so curious and friendly around humans. We learned so much about the penguins thanks to the SeaWorld employees that care for the penguins. One thing we learned is that SeaWorld’s penguins live twice as long as penguins in the wild and that the penguins are in very good care.

 After we had our amazing experience with the penguins we decided to go eat a quick dinner at Harbor Market. After we ate a quick dinner on our way to the next blogger meet up I took this picture of the Steel Eel that turned out perfect.

 After I took that amazing picture we went to the blogger meet up in this huge white tent where we had milk, cookies and amazing hot cocoa. After we sat down and started eating Shamu Clause came to visit us.

 After we got our picture with Shamu Clause we sat down and continued eating and thanks to my mom word of my blog spread to the SeaWorld employees! After all that I got to talk to Elyssa and Elisha from! After that we ran down to Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas it was so funny! Once the show was over we went to see the Sea Lions at Pacific Point Preserve they were so cute!!

After we saw the Sea Lions we went to Azul stadium to see a Dolphin Christmas. It was amazing the acrobatics were so cool, the Dolphins and Belugas did so many cool tricks! I love these animals!

 After we saw the Dolphins we made our way over to Shamu Stadium, but before the show started we took some more pictures.


Once we took our pictures we entered Shamu Stadium and got really good seats. I loved the show we saw the last show of the day Shamu’s Christmas Miracles. The show left you smiling and feeling warm inside it was a amazing show.



   I had a amazing time at SeaWorld and I will never forget everything we got to do. Thank you so much SeaWorld for picking my mom to be a Wildside Blogger and I hope we will get the chance to do it again!!


4 thoughts on “SeaWorld, San Antonio!

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! What a wonderful start to your blog! I look forward to each story you have to tell.
    Love you!


  2. Oh Emmy…this is wonderful!! You’ll never regret starting this…it’s so fun to look back at ours and see how time has flown and reminisce. Great job, Sweetie!
    Aunt Andrea


  3. Hi Emily! Your trip sounds great! This is Elise. I met you a very long time ago at your ward camp a few years ago. I would like to contact you sonetime! Keep up with the good posts!


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