High School Spring Semester Bucketlist

Ugh, after a lovely two weeks of break from school, the cruel reality of high school begins again. While there is no avoiding things like homework and obnoxious teachers, there are things you can look forward to doing in the next semester. So, I decided to make a bucket list for all the fun things I’m looking forward to this semester.

Hanging Out With Friends

Back to school usually means you have a lot of goals about getting good grades and working hard to keep up with school work, but sometimes you have to take a break and hang out with friends. Have a girl’s night, FaceTime your best friend, play some Cards Against Humanity, go see a movie with them, go to Starbuck’s, it doesn’t have to be some big event. I know for me hanging out with friends always helps me release some stress and anxiety and just all around boosts my mood. Also, learn to appreciate your friends and all your fun and happy moments with them.

silhouette of four people against sun background
Photo by Dennis Magati on Pexels.com

Go to a Rodeo

As an FFA kid, I am required to write about going to rodeo. So, I live in Texas and rodeo is kinda a huge deal, especially if you’re in FFA because it means you get to show your animal. Anyway, where I’m going with this is you should go to a rodeo because they are super fun, and they usually have a carnival you can go to, and they also have good food, so I would highly recommend going to your local rodeo with friends or family. Also, if you have a friend that raises an animal for FFA, be supportive and go to their animal show, unless they raise chickens or rabbits, which are incredibly boring and nothing happens.

woman wearing white cowboy hat and red top riding on horse
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com


Have a Birthday Party

Ok, obviously if you have a fall or summer birthday this is out, but I have a spring birthday. Anyway, last year I decided to have a birthday party for the first time since 6th grade and it was probably the best decision ever. I invited all my close friends and a couple people who I wasn’t as close with and now all of the people from my birthday party are my best friends and we have gotten together to have parties on several occasions. Anyway, my point is birthday parties are fun and it gives you an excuse to hang out with friends, eat cake, and get gifts.

chocolate cupcake with white and red toppings
Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com


Enjoy Spring Break 

So, once spring break gets closer I’m probably going to do a post on things to do over spring break, but for now, my advice is to look forward to spring break and use it as your motivation for the first half of this semester.


Go to a School Dance 

School dances may seem cheesy or dumb, but they actually can be really fun if you go with the right people. My school actually doesn’t have any spring dances except for Prom, which is only for seniors, but we have a band banquet at the end of the year, and we basically have a dance after the dinner and show reveal. Anyway, if your school does have dances in the spring go to one. If you’re feeling extra confident try to slow dance with your crush, chances are if you ask them, they won’t say no.

group of people
Photo by Mark Angelo on Pexels.com


The spring semester can be rough, I know I wish we could just fast forward to summer, but unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Making a bucket list of things you’re looking forward to can help you stay motivated and can make getting through the semester easier.



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