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7th Grade in a Nutshell 

So, summer is finally here (sorry I literally haven’t posted since October). Anyway, most people talk about how 7th Grade was one of the worst years of their lives… not for me! This year has actually been one of the my best school years (as of right now 5th is still the best) I got really good grades, did awesome at band stuff, got into NJHS, had an awesome year with my friends, so it’s only fair I have a post to honor what an awesome school year I had. So, here’s my 7th grade year in a nutshell…

  • Band Life

I’ll start with talking about my year in band. At the beginning of the year, I was thrilled that I was in Concert Band. Less work, and easy music, right? Anyway, as the year went on it clicked with me. I HATED Concert Band. We played the same level music all year, my band was pretty much full of people who barely knew how to play their instruments (especially trombones and trumpets…yikes) and we never got to play any super exciting music. I decided around March that I was fed up with being Concert Band. I worked so hard to learn all 12 major scales for Scale Olympics (I became the only Diamond medalist in Concert Band!), and I practiced my audition music until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off. My hard work definitely payed off though. I was the top girl in all of Concert Band (which was awarded at the Spring Concert), and I will get to be a Honors Band flutist for the 2017-2018 school year! Band this year was a lot of fun (especially the trip to Kemah in April!) and I can’t wait to be in band again next year! 

  • Academics 

This year I did really, WELL (inside joke) in all my classes! I somehow managed to get straight A’s in every class including math (how I don’t know…). I was very excited to get accepted into the NJHS program at my school, and I think being able to participate in it will open a ton of exciting opportunities for next year! This year I was blessed to have some of the most amazing teachers and I’m really going to miss them. I hope 8th grade will be as good a year as 7th grade has been!

  • Friends/Social Life

Ok, so I’m not a very popular person. Most of the time I’m pretty shy and quiet, but this year I’ve actually come out of my shell a bit. I’ve definitely started talking to more people, and I’ve grown out of a lot of my social awkwardness (which is a blessing). I’ve had an awesome year with all my friends and look forward to 8th grade which will hopefully bring even more opportunities to make friends (and hopefully become a teeny weeny bit more popular). 

Seventh grade was a pretty awesome year. Most people talk about it being their worst, but I honestly can’t relate. I am excited for 8th grade and all the opportunities it will bring, but first… I’m gonna sit back and enjoy my summer!

Love y’all,


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My Updated Music Playlist

Last year around December I made a music playlist post, well that was almost a year ago and I have a lot of new songs that I like, so I’m going to make an updated version of my music playlist.

  1. Little do you Know: Alex&Seirra
  2. Cold Water: Major Lazer
  3. Closer: The Chainsmokers
  4. Sit Still, Look Pretty: Daya
  5. Treat you Better: Shawn Medes
  6. Ride: Twenty One Pilots
  7. Airplanes: B.o.B
  8. Hymn for the Weekend Seeb Remix: Coldplay 
  9. This Town: Niall Horan
  10. Something Wild: Lindsey Stirling

These are my top 10 favorite songs and all of them came from my Spotify Playlist. I hope you guys enjoyed this and you have probably heard most of the on the radio. I have more music posts planned for the future if you enjoy them.

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How to Stay Organized for School in 3 Easy Steps

Yes… We’ve been in school for a while, but here’s what I know that you don’t. Everyone starts the school year off organized, but now things are started to fall apart. Missing assignments, forgotten homework, stolen school supplies all of this is starting to happen, so I decided now would be a good time to make a how to stay organized post. So, here’s my tips on how to stay organized for this school year. Continue reading “How to Stay Organized for School in 3 Easy Steps”

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Friends, the Secret to Surviving Middle School

My life without my best friends would be like life without our phones. I wouldn’t know what to do and quite frankly I’m not sure I would survive. Thankfully, in 5th Grade I was lucky enough to meet my best friends for life and fast forward 3 years later we are still really good friends. My point of all this if you are in 4th, 5th or 6th grade you need to find a best friend and fast. What’s my point of all this crap? Middle School sucks and it only goes downhill from there, so you need someone to talk to and that you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets. That is a BFF. Continue reading “Friends, the Secret to Surviving Middle School”

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What to do When You’re Bored

Ugh. Weekends are great because no early mornings and no constant work at school, but weekends can also be one of the most boring times in the week. Believe it or not school may suck, but at school we are with friends and we are able to stay busy then over the weekend we have endless amounts of time and basically we get so bored we would clean everything in the house just to have something to do. I will give you a solution to the terrible boredom!! I present to you What to do When You’re Bored. Continue reading “What to do When You’re Bored”

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October is finally here! This means that it has officially been a year since I started BookWormGirl! So much in my life has happened since then, crazy right? I haven’t posted in forever and I feel really bad it’s been so long, so I am posting this. I love fall and October  and yes, September can sorta be considered fall, but in September all most people think about is Back to School. I love October because the leaves start to turn colors, the weather gets cooler, pumpkin everything goes on sale,etc… So, this post is going to be about why I love October so much! Continue reading “October!”